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In this video, Ryan Soave, Clinical Director of Telehealth Services for APN Lodge, discusses the optimal time for individuals to engage in supportive care.

APN Lodge provides residential treatment, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and Intensive Outpatient Care (IOP) for mental health, trauma and addiction concerns.

Residential treatment is the most aggressive form of treatment, Soave says. APN Lodge strongly urges that those who are completing residential treatment continue on with PHP. Finally, IOP is classically a step-down continuation of treatment following PHP.

Soave says that when a crisis develops, that is clearly a good time to consider treatment of any type. “If there’s a real problem going on where somebody might be a danger to themselves or are a threat to others—and that doesn’t mean they’re going to physically hurt other people but maybe an emotional threat or a financial threat—that would be a good time to seek residential treatment,” Soave says.

Soave emphasizes that people don’t need to wait for a crisis in order to pursue treatment. “Seeking out other forms of treatment is great at any point—especially when you may have time on your hands or it’s a time when you want to grow,” Soave says. “When life is OK is a great time to seek that out.”

IOP, which is available at APN Lodge for mental health, trauma, and addiction treatment clients, is usually considered a follow-on from residential or PHP. However, there may be individuals for whom IOP would be an appropriate first step for treatment. For example, clients who have previously received treatment and have experienced a relapse may find that IOP suits them best. People who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction may discover that IOP helps them to refresh their sobriety skills.

APN Lodge’s IOP usually takes place for three hours a day, three times a week. In individual and group sessions, clients focus on addressing relationship concerns, triggers, and other issues that arise outside of treatment. Participants and therapists work through life events together as they occur.

Similarly, PHP, which usually follows residential treatment, can also be a starting point for treatment. APN Lodge’s PHP program typically operates for six hours per day, five days a week. Like residential care, clients meet individually with clinicians and in group settings. 

PHP prepares clients to avoid relapse episodes and crises involving mental health by equipping them with useful skills to identify and deal with triggers. 

The Covid 19 pandemic has caused many people to look within and appreciate the importance of growth. “Now would be a great time to identify the things that have shaped you, the ways that you react to events that don’t work for you anymore, and identify the strategies that are going to help you be the best human being that you can be,” Soave says. 

When it comes to getting supportive care, there’s no time like the present.