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I can’t begin to express my gratitude towards APN. When I arrived there in mid-November of this year I was living a by-and-large dysfunctional life, was filled with a feeling of basic brokenness, and felt stuck in addictive cycles. While my life has not been perfect since my return some three-plus months ago, I am a far happier, healthier, and more functional person than I believe I have ever been in the past. While the program is not perfect, the therapists and support staff are excellent and they have single-minded devotion to the growth and well-being of the clients. I enthusiastically recommend APN especially for people who experienced childhood trauma.

Best of luck to anyone who is reading this review in your journey of recovery


Montebello, NY


I’ve worked in the treatment industry for 7 years, and have been actively in recovery for that whole period of time as well. Late last year I began to experience a lot of anxiety, depression, and odd responses to life that I couldn’t quite wrap my head around. I reached out for help and someone directed me to APN. While there I experience people passionate about supporting people hitting road blocks in their life to understand and conquer their subconscious traumas and addictions. I received the care I never knew I needed, for trauma that I knew was there, but had no clue the impact it had on my life by trying to suppress it for so long. The friends I’ve made there I’ll be connected to forever, The scenery was incredible, and the staff there I’m indebted to. A price could never be placed on getting my sanity and confidence back, thank you, thank you, thank you. Can’t wait to go back for alumni and recharge weeks in the future! Love this place.


Boynton Beach, FL


A place where I got a second chance at life


Monsey, NY

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