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Research and Resources – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Infectious Disease & HBOT


“Hyperbaric Treatment of Clostridial Myositis and Myonecrosis” StatPearls, 2020

Clostridial myositis and myonecrosis (gas-gangrene) are life threatening conditions which must be treated quickly and managed by a multidisciplinary team. Surgery and antibiotic treatment are first-line therapies. Some studies show that the early addition of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy reduces mortality rate by 50% and helps salvage more tissue. High oxygen levels halt the spread of bacteria and production of toxins. 


“Hyperbaric Treatment of Chronic Refractory Osteomyelitis”StatPearls, 2020

Chronic refractory osteomyelitis is a bacterial or mycobacterial infection of bone or bone marrow which does not respond to treatment or returns even after treatment. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an “American Heart Association (AHA) Class II recommendation for the treatment of chronic, refractory osteomyelitis. HBOT is not a substitute for surgery or other medical interventions, but it is an important adjunctive therapy when these interventions are not successful or the infection exists in an area which risks high morbidity and mortality. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy helps white blood cells kill infections bacteria and increases the delivery of antibiotics to affected areas. 


“Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and Survival from Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection” JAMA, 2004

In five-year study of 44 patients with necrotizing soft tissue infection (infections causing tissue death), adjunctive treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy increased survival by 9 times and significantly reduced the necessity for limb amputation. 



“Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for the Treatment of Debilitating Fatigue Associated with HIV/AIDS” J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care, 1993

A study of 25 patients with HIV/AIDS showed that two or three 90-minute Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions per week reduced fatigue in all 25 patients. All participants reported decreased HIV-related fatigue within one month of beginning treatment, and researchers concluded that HBOT is an effective adjunct therapy for debilitating fatigue related to HIV and AIDS. 


Addiction & HBOT


“Hyperbaric Oxygenation in the Treatment of Patients with Drug Addiction, Narcotic Addiction and Alcoholism in the Post-Intoxication and Abstinence Periods”Anesteziol Reanimatol, 1995

A study of 340 patients in withdrawal management (detox) and recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction treated just over half the patients with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to compare results with a control group (not treated with HBOT). The researchers found that those treated with HBOT a quicker reduction in the psychoneurological and somatovegetative disorders associated with severe addiction. Overall, HBOT appeared to reduce treatment duration by two-fold and reduce risk of complications from detox. 

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