Is APN Lodge a rehab?

Rehab is a major part of who we are. But we’re also much more. In addition to comprehensive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, we offer other tracks for coaching, intensive workshops and retreats, athletics, and executive health.

Do you treat other conditions besides drug addiction?

Yes. In our Behavioral track, we treat a variety of conditions, including drug and alcohol addiction, process addiction, co-occurring mental health disorders, and trauma.

How do I know what’s best for my loved one?

We always encourage research, but making big decisions can be overwhelming. Our admissions counselors are here to help. Fill out our contact form or call to chat with a staff member about the next right step. We’ll help you find the best place for you, even if it’s not here.

What is involved in treatment?

Every person and every story is unique. After a comprehensive set of assessments, APN clinicians will curate a custom combination of therapies, activities, practices, and medical care for each guest. Read about our therapies and practices or reach out to a staff member with questions.

What if I just want some help, not residential treatment?

We totally get that. Everyone is in a different place. If you don’t need residential treatment, we won’t recommend it. Our goal is to optimize your health and wellness, not expose you to treatments you don’t need. The APN team will work with you to collaboratively determine what is right for you – whether that means life coaching, immersive retreats, residential therapy, or anything in between.

What is the campus like?

The All Points North (APN) lodge campus has a luxury mountain resort feel. Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, APN lodge resides in Cordillera, Colorado, just outside of Vail. It is serene and private, offering the ultimate high-end retreat background for your recovery, care, coaching, or visit. Check out our five-star accommodations and amenities to learn more.

Will I be stuck in the lodge all day?

Definitely not. While this may be best during detox, the majority of treatment options offer extensive on-site and off-site activities so you can adventure, relax, process, and even discover new passions.

What will my daily schedule look like at APN Lodge?

The schedule of each APN lodge guest varies based on indicated treatments, activity preferences, chosen track, and customization decisions. The following is an example of a possible schedule for a guest in the APN lodge partial hospitalization program (PHP).

6:00-6:30     Wake up and wellness hygiene

6:30-7:45     Morning meditation and breakfast

7:45-8:15     Personal wellness time

8:15-8:30     Arrival to activity area and preparation

8:30-9:45     Electives: health & wellness activity (i.e., martial arts, yoga, guided meditation)

9:45-10:15    Break and healthy refreshments

10:15-11:45     Electives: group therapy (i.e. CBT, RPG, DBT, etc.)

11:45-12:00     Break

12:00-1:30     Lunch and clean-up; Recovery centering and journaling time

1:30-3:30     Electives: Experiential therapy (i.e., horticulture, equine, cinema, art, music)

3:30-4:00     Break and healthy refreshments

4:00-5:00     Psycho-education or one-on-one counseling session

5:30-6:30     Personal wellness time

6:30-7:30     Dinner and clean-up; recovery centering and journaling time

7:30-9:30     Electives: speaker series, 12 step community meeting, volunteer service, mentor-sponsor time, family counseling

9:30-10:30     Personal wellness time & sleep hygiene

11:00     Rest

Can my family members visit me in treatment?

Yes, we strongly encourage and support family participation. Your primary therapist will work directly with you and your family to coordinate visits, phone calls, and treatment participation.

Do you take away electronics?

Bringing your electronics or leaving them behind is up to you. Our goal is to support you in your choices. We understand both the anxiety that can be experienced when being away from home as well as the value of creating a sacred and peaceful space for you to recalibrate your thoughts. Access to electronic communication and work devices is initially limited and then progressively accessible, based upon the individual treatment plan.

Will my insurance cover treatment?

While we are not currently in-network, we do work with PPO insurance plans. If you have a PPO policy, chances are we can admit you. We also accept self-pay clients. Still have questions? Our financial planning team can help talk you through them.

Does APN lodge offer detox?

Yes. Acute detox is done in a nearby hospital, and subacute detox is available onsite at the lodge. Does residential treatment have a minimum stay? Length of stay is based upon several factors. These include evidenced-based criteria for admission, continued stay, and discharge or transition determinations using the american society of addiction medicine (asam) patient placement manual. Your primary therapist will also work with your treatment team, family, and other significant stakeholders to customize an effective and appropriate length of stay based upon goals, objectives, and needs.

Can I bring my pet?

If you have a service animal, of course! Emotional support animals are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What are the differences between the main lodge and the executive suites?

Main lodge:

  • 86,000 square foot lodge and spa building
  • 77 guest occupancy
  • Hub for most behavioral guests
  • Luxury mountain resort feel
  • Private and semi-private suites
  • Wellness, spa, exercise, and pool facilities on site
  • Executive chef and registered dietitian for lodge
  • State of the art theater, education, and entertainment venue

Executive suites:

  • Maximum 6 guests per house
  • 15 minutes from main lodge, gated community
  • On-demand black car chauffeur service
  • Hub for Coaching and Athletics guests
  • Private, luxury home feel
  • Accommodations available for guest’s personal staff, as approved by apn team
  • Personal executive chef
  • Security team and concierge staff for each house

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