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Noah Nordheimer

Noah Nordheimer is a passionate visionary, leader, and investor with an unshakable call to addiction and trauma treatment and a 20-year track record of exceeding stakeholder expectations. Before founding All Points North (APN) Capital and serving as Chief Executive Officer for APN Lodge, Noah created the Baltimore-based Concerted Care Group (CCG) in 2014. At CCG, he designed a uniquely integrated model of care that has shown immense long-term promise for improved client outcomes and sustained addiction recovery. At APN Lodge, he’s bringing those same goals to a much larger scale.
Rejecting the standard “siloed” approach, Noah believes that the best possible outcomes come from the most complete and personalized care. At APN Lodge, he works to bring every viable treatment modality together on one comprehensive campus – all to offer hope to even the most complex of clients. Addiction treatment, behavioral health, primary and preventative care, and personal development comprise Noah’s vision for the future of healthcare. He holds that what others would call wrap-around services are actually essential supports on the journey toward optimal wellness. Noah is a vocal advocate for addressing the needs of the whole person, and his comprehensive treatment strategy is making that possible.

Noah’s vision for care has already begun rewriting the narrative of addiction treatment, elevating and redefining the standards of care, and expanding post-treatment possibilities for both clients and their families. The CARF Accreditors have praised Noah and CCG, saying, “They are doing what 1-2% of providers are even thinking about doing and doing it exceptionally well.” He’s making sure APN Lodge is poised to do the same.

Throughout his career, Noah has been hands-on in the creation and deployment of complex capital formation strategies and emerged as a company leader with a heart to inspire and a mind to succeed. Setting an intentional example for his 9-year-old son, Noah is committed to helping as many people as possible take on their life’s challenges and succeed.