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Keith Weiner

Keith Weiner brings a solid background in communications and social media to join the APN Lodge marketing team as Social Media Specialist. As he builds brand exposure and credibility through a variety of social media initiatives, Keith is building the All Points North community with the belief that mental health deserves to be prioritized.

Throughout his career, Keith has built a portfolio of eclectic and entertaining work for a variety of clients. After attending Roger Williams University to earn his Bachelor of Arts in communications, Keith moved from East Coast to West Coast to pursue his career in the LA area. Starting as a production assistant for Nickelodeon, Keith’s love of behind-the-scenes creative work led him to the world of digital media. He honed his skills as a content creator, photographer, social media strategist, and more.

Because of his portfolio of expertise, Keith wears quite a few hats around the marketing office. From planning content calendars and social media initiatives to filming video interviews and staging headshots, Keith is APN’s expert in all things digital marketing. Overall, Keith is excited to throw his hat into many creative rings at a company whose vision he believes in.