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Craig Somerville

After an impressive history in business development, consulting, and entrepreneurship, Craig Somerville joins All Points North Lodge as Managing Director of the Contact Center. His background in the substance abuse treatment industry and experience growing and managing call centers equips him as the perfect fit to grow the multimodal APN Contact Center team from the ground up.

Growing up in Florida, Craig attended Palm Beach State College for a degree in health and wellness and health sciences. He began his career as Admissions Coordinator at Watershed Addiction Treatment Center before serving at Senior General Manager at Aid in Recovery, growing the contact center from ten to 100 representatives. Before moving to Malibu to join the satellite office for APN Lodge, Craig founded Somerville Marketing Corporation to consult nationwide for substance abuse and treatment facilities.

Craig finds the most reward in watching his employees grow as people and professionals. He is excited about hiring staff, building and equipping the team, and helping clients form a lifelong connection with APN Lodge for all of their personal development and wellness needs.