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Luxury Rehab Dallas

Ready for a purposeful journey from the largest city in the US to a world-renowned small town? There is no denying that Dallas, Texas is a hub of culture unlike any other. But when you start to feel a little lost in a place where everything is bigger, a mountain-town Lodge offering luxury rehab, addiction treatment, trauma therapy, and mental health may be very literally just what the doctor ordered.

Hop on a flight in the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport for a quick and easy nonstop flight right into Eagle County. Home of the stunning Vail Ski Resort, Eagle County is the change of pace travelers from all over the world choose each year for adventure and rejuvenation. And it’s all within just a two-hour flight from home, landing by the time you have finished your first snack.

Just a quick drive from the airport, you’ll find All Points North Lodge – a wellness and personal development campus designed (in every way) to help you find recovery, mental health, a plan for life ahead, and more.

The Rocky Mountains are full of fresh air, nature, and a slower-paced feel. Our experienced therapists capitalize on location with experiential therapies that take you outside and allow you to put what you are learning into practice. The summers are warm, and the winters bring the chance to snowshoe, ski, snowboard, and adventure in a classic winter wonderland. In every season, the mountain views from every single client suite at the Lodge do not disappoint. You’re coming for luxury rehab, cutting-edge therapy, or support. What better landscape to help you refresh?

If you’re not looking for a trip out of Dallas, our telehealth program and APN Connection app can bring convenient therapy, groups, and support to your fingertips – wherever you are. Therapists from across the country (with a variety of specialties) offer online counseling and sessions. You can even join HIPAA-compliant virtual communities to connect and find support and local events.

Why Are We a “Lodge?”

APN Lodge is a former world-class lodge resort. Established on a campus in the Rocky Mountains, the Lodge features a gourmet chef, spa, and a host of activities such as fishing, hiking, white water rafting, skiing, and snowboarding. Find out more about the resort-style offerings and all that is available at APN Lodge.

  • Former lodge in Rocky Mountains
  • Gourmet fare, onsite spa, and designer furnishings
  • An array of life-enriching, resort-style activities


“I can’t begin to express my gratitude towards APN. When I arrived there in mid-November of this year I was living a by-and-large dysfunctional life, was filled with a feeling of basic brokenness, and felt stuck in addictive cycles. While my life has not been perfect since my return some three-plus months ago, I am a far happier, healthier, and more functional person than I believe I have ever been in the past. While the program is not perfect, the therapists and support staff are excellent and they have single-minded devotion to the growth and well being of the clients. I enthusiastically recommend APN especially for people who experienced childhood trauma. Best of luck to anyone who is reading this review in your journey of recovery.”


Outpatient, IOP, PHP, and residential treatment for

  • Substance abuse
  • Process addictions
  • Mental health and mood disorders
  • Unresolved trauma
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Deep TMS
  • Concierge prevention and wellness packages
  • More

Many insurances are accepted.

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