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11/20/20 APN UPDATE: COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is impacting our families, our communities, and our very way of life. What we’re facing is daunting, but I am inspired by the moments of triumph in everyday acts of courage, kindness, and love. As Benjamin Disraeli said, “There is no education like adversity.” My own life has been a testament to this, and I have faith we will see the statement proved true again during this time.

Today, I want to fill you in on the steps we are taking to support the communities and people we are privileged to serve.

APN Lodge Campus
In response to COVID-19, All Points North Lodge has been working around the clock in coordination with our partners at Vail Health and Colorado Mountain Medical to focus on the safety and wellness of the staff, safety of and service to clients, and upkeep of daily operations. As social distancing has become essential, the APN Lodge Campus in Colorado is a safe and secluded environment for those looking to work on themselves while staying out of public areas. We are working to protect our clients and staff by taking precautions to minimize the risk of on-campus COVID-19.

Increased Precautions

We ask anyone showing symptoms to notify APN Lodge and refrain from visiting the campus. In the event you begin showing symptoms while on campus, we ask you to observe a self-quarantine for 14 days or until receiving negative COVID-19 test results.

APN Lodge has an infectious disease control policy in place, and we are actively screening clients, employees, and contractors entering the APN Lodge buildings. Clients and staff will not be allowed into the Lodge if they display any symptoms or have been in a COVID-19 high-risk area. All clients, staff, and contractors will have their temperature taken every time they enter the APN Lodge campus. Anyone with an elevated temperature will not be allowed on campus and will be advised to self-quarantine.

New Client Observation Wing
All new clients are undergoing a pre-screening questionnaire before arrival. They are tested for COVID-19 upon arrival at the APN campus and placed into a secluded suite in the observation wing until negative COVID-19 test results are obtained.

Protective Hygiene 
All clients and staff must utilize proper protective hygiene behaviors such as thorough hand washing, wearing a mask in common areas, and social distancing when possible. 

Local Resources
Vail Health and Colorado Mountain Medical providers are working closely with us to monitor our clients and ensure their safety. The task force at Vail Health and Colorado Mountain Medical includes epidemiologists, infection prevention experts, safety coordinators, surgeons, emergency room physicians, doctors, nurses, and other providers. Our partners at Vail Health and Colorado Mountain Medical have also established a designated respiratory clinic focusing on non-emergency patients with respiratory symptoms.

Cleaning Protocols
APN staff is equipped with hospital-grade disinfectants and a Clorox 360 machine to keep facilities clean and safe. We are following the CDC Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Recommendations.

For clients arriving on commercial aircraft, we have prepared a travel kit to support their safety during the trip to APN Lodge.

Private Air Travel
For clients seeking private air travel, APN Lodge has partnered with Wheels Up and is pleased to help coordinate chartered aircraft for the trip to APN Lodge. Eagle Airport (EGE) is located just 30 minutes from APN Lodge.


APN has begun offering counseling, coaching, groups, and a virtual Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for clients seeking help and growth from the safety of home. If you know someone who may be interested in telehealth services, you can contact us online at www.apnlodge.com or call 855.510.4585.

APN Lodge has expedited its development of the APN Connection app. The APN Connection app will feature chat rooms, events, and access to therapists, coaches, and group counseling to keep the APN Community connected and increase accessibility and convenience for our clients.

A Final Note
We know that times of crisis bring increased stressors for all. For those fighting substance abuse, mental health struggles, and dysfunction from trauma, this time may be especially challenging. For this reason, we are deeply committed to staying open and operating for those in need of support. We exist to be a resource for those finding their way through the chaos, and we will continue to do that through this pandemic. We will do all we can to protect our clients and staff.

Please reach out at any time.


Noah Nordheimer, CEO