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Our Programs

The All Points North Coaching track currently offers two programming options to meet you where you are and help you move forward. Our immersive workshops pack a significant amount of coaching and programming into a few days of topical focus, all delivered via an onsite retreat on our luxurious mountain campus. Extension coaching is available on its own or post-workshop to provide long-term guidance and direction from our network of coaches. Clients who have successfully completed addiction or trauma treatment programs are encouraged to utilize APN Coaching one-on-one coaching and workshops for continued support and guidance when recovery is underway. For more information on workshops or extension coaching, click on a program page below.


APN Rise

APN Extension

Our Activities

At APN Lodge, you will discover world class facilities that will add power to your world class treatment. You can wake up and head to the state-of-the art fitness center to work with a personal trainer, or simply work out on your own time.