We Believe
The Journey
To Development
Should Have
Plenty Of
Daily Flights.


Our mission is to accelerate personal growth and development through immersive workshop experiences and personal coaching.

We believe it’s our job to meet each person where they are and guide them on a journey toward getting what they want. As you encounter unique challenges and opportunities throughout your life, we provide immersive experiences focused on moving you toward a profound positive change. To ensure effective and lasting change, we believe it’s our responsibility to stay connected with you long-term. One sure thing is that change takes time. Often, your toughest challenges may await you at home, in your most familiar environment. This journey is best traveled together, which is why we believe coaching is a critical component of your success. Through extended one-on-one coaching, we are committed to creating personal development plans that anticipate obstacles and enable you to set and tackle goals with strength, conviction, and resilience.

If you come in with an existing system of support (such as outside therapists or coaches), then we work to support the team that surrounds you. Our commitment is to giving you the best opportunity for sustained positive change and personal growth, whomever your primary support may be.

Whether you are completely stuck and unsure of what step comes next, or you simply want to take your life to the next level, we will find the program that is right for you. We meet you where you are to custom curate a plan to assess circumstances, breakthrough barriers, realize goals, and sustain progress.


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At APN Lodge, you will discover world class facilities that will add power to your world class treatment. You can wake up and head to the state-of-the art fitness center to work with a personal trainer, or simply work out on your own time.