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Behavioral Treatment For Me

The restoration of a whole, healthy, clean, sober, and purposeful life is within your reach. Whether you are fighting with a powerful addiction, newly noticing recurring instances of substance abuse, or struggling under the weight of unresolved trauma, All Points North Lodge is your way forward. All Points North Lodge propels you toward recovery, then goes further. Our vision for you is not just recovery, it’s a future filled with wellness, meaning, and joy.


What is the campus like?

The All Points North Lodge campus has a luxury ski/golf resort feel. Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the APN Lodge resides in Edwards, Colorado, just outside of Vail. It’s serene and private, offering the ultimate high-end retreat background to your coaching, care, or visit. Check out our five-star accommodations and amenities to learn more.

What if I just want some help, not residential treatment?

We get it. Everyone is in different places. If you don’t need residential treatment, we won’t put you in residential treatment. Our goal is to optimize your health and wellness, not to put you through treatments you don’t need. The APN team will work with you to collaboratively determine the path and track that are right for you – whether that’s life coaching, intensive retreats, residential therapy, or anything in between.

Can I bring my pet?

If you have a service animal, of course! Emotional support animals are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Will I be stuck in the house all day?

Definitely not. While this may be best during detox, the majority of treatment options offer extensive onsite and offsite activities to allow you to adventure, relax, process, and discover new passions. Some activities are included, others are available as add-ons to your stay.

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