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Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is a core program of All Points North Lodge’s Behavioral track. There are two types of substance abuse: true addiction and substance abuse in an attempt to self-medicate, which is generally connected to a past traumatic event or chronic pain issue. In the latter, a dual diagnosis is very common, and treatment must be planned for both the addictive behavior and the trauma.

In both cases, drug addiction is a chronic disease leading to impulsive, uncontrollable behavior in which the client seeks and uses drugs regardless of deteriorating living conditions, health consequences, and even the threat of death. With prolonged use, the substance and addiction cause changes in the brain which elevate the drug to a level where it seems as necessary for life as air, water, and food. Once the brain experiences this type of alteration, it is nearly impossible for a client to simply “stop” or “quit” without support. In some cases, the attempt to quit without appropriate support can be hazardous, if not lethal. Drug addiction is best addressed with a well-educated, expert team of multi-disciplinary health and mental health professionals. The longer and more comprehensive the treatment, the better the odds of long-term success.

To fully recover from substance abuse, intentional changes in life and lifestyle must often be made. Sustainable recovery is the baseline. Rediscovering goals and finding true fulfillment will move you forward.

At All Points North Lodge, we extensively customize substance abuse treatment for each unique person – each case is different and requires its own, custom-curated care. We begin with a number of medical and psychological assessments to work out a treatment program that will be the most effective for that specific guest or client. We also include nutrition, fitness, amenities, groups, and indoor/outdoor activities to fill out the experience and bring balance to each guest’s treatment plan.