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Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

For many people dealing with substance abuse or addiction, temporary removal from their usual day-to-day circumstances is essential to building a real foundation for recovery. Choosing a 24/7 residential facility allows them to focus on healing in safety and comfort. The typical course of residential treatment can run anywhere from two weeks to three months, depending on the individual case. Getting “sober” is only the beginning. At APN Lodge, treatment aims to identify and resolve any core issues that triggered substance abuse in the first place. As a response, clients will learn techniques for handling the stressors that could trigger further dysfunction or relapse.

In a residential treatment setting, the clinical team has an opportunity to observe and interact with you throughout the day in a way that is not possible at lower levels of care. This allows the treatment team to gather the truest picture of your story and dysfunction and provide the most appropriate, useful, and comprehensive interventions.

You will work with an unparalleled clinical team in the most luxurious of settings at APN Lodge. Upon admission, our clinicians will collaborate with you to develop the perfect program for your specific needs. At APN Lodge, you will take part in an abundance of clinical endeavors. These allow you to truly focus on healing for your specific case with the best evidence-based therapies available.

Group sessions allow you to connect with others to build social and relationship skills and participate in educational sessions on the causes and effects of addiction. Nutrition and exercise are also vital to healing and rebuilding bodies and minds tortured by substance abuse over time. APN Lodge offers a wide range of exciting and valuable activities to keep you healthy, busy, and fulfilled.