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APN accepts all PPO insurance. Long-term financing and third-party lending for care is available as a supplement to costs associated with the program.

APN will provide consistent and current utilization review updates to client’s families (per client’s consent), allocations, and client analysis. APN will openly communicate stipulations, exclusions, and benefit details to client as provided directly by the insurance companies.

The clinical teams will work closely with the Utilization Department to describe and deliver accurate and honest notations to ensure the client is receiving the highest level of care by the APN team.

Prior to admission, a Verification of Benefits (VOB) will be carefully executed by APN with the insurance company in order to determine a client’s potential length of stay, benefit maximums (as they relate to behavioral healthcare coverage), deductible amounts, and overall out-of-pocket expenses by the insurance member prior to APN activating coverage.

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In the luxury of 5-star accommodations, addiction treatment options range from short to long term. While you’re here, we build a community of people around you. Physicians, counselors, trainers, and staff become your wellness home team.

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At APN Lodge, you will discover world class facilities that will add power to your world class treatment. You can wake up and head to the state-of-the art fitness center to work with a personal trainer, or simply work out on your own time.