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Healthcare Organization Support Team (HOST)

Frontline healthcare workers deserve above-and-beyond support, so we’ve created Healthcare Organization Support Team (HOST) to offer a variety of 24/7 wellness, mental health, and coaching services.

You are giving all you’ve got. Call now to get support at 855.930.3801.

The Details

Frontline workers can call HOST 24/7 at 855.930.3801 to schedule a 15-30 minute session with a dedicated counselor or coach. These sessions are designed to:

  • Encourage stepping out of the “helper” role to take some time to be helped

  • Provide a safe and reliable space to vent, process, and decompress from the day

  • Offer tailored suggestions for healthy stress management and coping mechanisms
  • Provide support and resourcing based on individual needs

Looking for something a little more formal? Schedule a teletherapy or telecoaching session:


  • Trauma-integrated individual and group work

  • Additional counseling and treatment planning for PTSD, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse


  • Wellness and resilience training

  • Mindfulness training

  • Meditation and breathwork

  • Leadership coaching

Many insurances are accepted, call now to verify benefits.

Your well-being matters to us.
Call 855.930.3801 for more information.

The Journey to The Power of You Awaits.
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