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Family-Focused Treatment

Addiction, trauma, and mental health don’t exist in a vacuum. The people close to the client feel the effects too. For this reason, including a client’s significant family members in the treatment process is essential to his/her recovery. 

The goal of family-focused treatment is not to place blame on any single person but to heal any wounds that trigger the dysfunction and repair any rifts that resulted from it.

At All Points North Lodge, we take family-focused treatment to a different level. Families of the client in treatment will receive update calls from the client’s therapist and therapy calls from their own therapist.

A New Level of Family-Focused Treatment

In traditional substance abuse, mental health, or trauma treatment, family involvement is at best a very small piece of the puzzle. At All Points North Lodge, family-focused treatment is integral.

We engage the significant family members in their own treatments – addressing their own issues and struggles with a separate treatment plan and even a separate therapist. The goal is two unique treatments – one for the family and one for the client – running parallel to each other. A free family support group is also available twice per month for families of current and former clients.

Families of the client in treatment will receive regular calls from their own therapist for therapy and regular calls from the client’s primary therapist for updates.

The therapist assigned to the family works with them to gather information about each individual, the family of origin, trauma history, relational dynamics in the family, and more. The therapist also educates family on addiction, relational trauma, codependency, boundaries, root causes of enabling and other dysfunctional behaviors, establishing boundaries, communication strategies, managing stress, and the importance of family work.

What’s the Point of Family-Focused Treatment?

Better Outcomes: When family members do their own work to grow and learn, the client in treatment benefits too. Clients who have strong family involvement in the process have a higher likelihood of sustained recovery. If a family no longer enables and learns to hold healthy boundaries, the client is less prone to addictive behaviors and dysfunction.

More People Helped: Life change for a client and their family members can break chains of generational hurt. Sure, it may be just one family in full treatment, but healing can ripple through a whole family.

How Do We Approach Family Work?

Personal development starts in the family. No-one is more familiar with our history, traits, or difficulties than our own family. Through the good times and the bad, family shapes us. At APN, we utilize the concept of impact vs. intent – looking at the impact of the family system on all its members as opposed to the intent of the system. We understand the intent of family members is nearly always love. However, this does not stop the impact of being less than nurturing. Owning our own struggles is critical to healing. Often, the roots of these struggles trace back to childhood and the family unit in which we learned to live.

At All Points North Lodge, we are intentional with clients and their families. If families played a role in the circumstances surrounding the problematic behaviors, families must now learn healthier roles that lead to healing. After all, when clients go home, they go home to family.

Our family-focused treatment guide both clients and their families to a deeper understanding of the emotional consequences which accompany addiction, mental health, the recovery process, and finding a new normal.

Family members not only learn to identify attitudes and behaviors impacting their loved ones in treatment, but they also learn about unhealthy patterns and alternative coping skills in other areas of their lives. As this introspection deepens, we provide the tools to break old habits and make new ones. We also teach families about relapse signs and triggers to equip them in supporting their loved one’s fight for sustainable, long-term recovery.

Families of APN Lodge guests receive access to group and individual therapy. They discover new communication methods to improve interpersonal understanding and engage in an honest discussion of past experiences and family functioning. APN Lodge’s clinical staff helps each family learn to effectively support each other emotionally while establishing appropriate boundaries. This intrafamilial collaboration fosters the healing process within the family unit, for each family member, and, of course, for the guest.

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