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Continuing Care

Continuing Care

A proactive long-term approach to your life post-treatment is a non-negotiable for sustained recovery for life. Studies show that the longer someone is in treatment, the better their chances of maintaining a life free from addiction.

Every person preparing to leave a treatment facility must consider what in their life can stay and what needs to go or be changed. Often, this consideration means reworking how you live and handle the challenges that inevitably arise during your day-to-day life.

APN Lodge is here to help you plan for all your next steps. As you prepare to leave treatment and re-enter life, our clinicians guide you in planning a few extra steps ahead so you’re ready for whatever comes up. If you were referred by another provider or clinician, this planning process will be a collaborative effort between your referent and the team at APN Lodge.


As part of a complete continuing care program we recommend continuing your connection to APN Lodge for our concierge medical and health program, delivering primary and preventive care. Our wellness program is offered as a separate track unto itself, however, we feel it is essential to a continuing care program for our APN Behavioral Health guests. In the cases of people coming back to APN Lodge who have been through our Behavioral Health program, we can gear the wellness program specifically to their needs.

Along with returning to APN Lodge for an annual health and recovery “tune up” you can also continue to be connected via our telehealth platform. You’ll have the benefit of having people you know and trust, who already know all about your health and recovery, there for you whenever you need them.

When you come for an annual health and recovery tune up (of course, you can come as often as you want, but we recommend at least once a year) you’ll get a program that will address all your current needs. You’ll get a full physical and psychological evaluation, to assess where you’re at, plus a nutritional plan to follow for the week and thereafter. Our physical trainers will work with you to optimize your fitness and you’ll have as many one-on-one and group therapy sessions as you wish to participate in.
Our wellness program for graduates of our behavioral health track is part of APN Health.


For entrepreneurs and career minded people, APN Lodge offers a program with amazing insight and inspiration, along with helping you sharpen your skills and become wholly aware of, and focused on, your true goals in business and in life.

With the pace of business today, it isn’t hard for C-suite executives to get mired in putting out fires and eventually lose sight of the original objectives they once had, or how those objectives should have evolved over time. Sometimes, you need help in stepping back and seeing the actual landscape in front of you. Add to that that your personal goals can also become ignored and you can end up very unhappy and wondering why you’re doing what you’re doing and why you don’t love doing it anymore.

APN Coaching helps you break down negative patterns that have been created over time, whether it’s your own thoughts or interpersonal relationships in the company or even with clients. You’ll identify your weaknesses and learn how to turn them to your advantage. You’ll reconnect with your passion for what you do, or possibly discover your passion now lies somewhere else. In any case, you will become the best version of yourself.

APN Coaching is a tremendous benefit to C-Suite executives, professional athletes, leaders in entertainment, technology, and venture capital industries, among others. But we also offer a program for management teams to really get connected, develop their skills and hone their inter-office communications. Here, your management team will become a well-oiled machine, as you together affirm your core values and goals.