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Recovery as the baseline, not the finish line

Wherever you find yourself, All Points North Lodge (APN) will meet you there. We are rewriting the narrative of addiction treatment to eliminate the stigma of “rehab” and take you beyond baseline recovery to a life of passion and purpose.

At APN Lodge, this starts with comprehensive treatment of the entire person by a world-class team of medical doctors, mental health clinicians, nutritionists, and fitness trainers who have torn down their silos of practice to serve you as one collaborative team, during your treatment and for years to come.

With the biopsychosocial model of health at our core, we emphasize the importance of considering all things as you develop a keen sense of self through physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. All Points North’s extensively customized approaches allow our clinicians to guide you in discovering the positive rewards of healthy decisions, building wellness all along the way.

We’re here for so much more than your rehabilitation. You’re here to attain your peak physical, mental, and spiritual condition – finding a new life of fulfillment, joy, and total wellness.

Sustainable recovery and purposeful life are within your reach.

What We Do

We assess your personal story and individual needs. Then we work with you to create a comprehensive path toward recovery that is right for you.

Core Treatment Programs

Pretreatment Services

Continuing Care

Levels of Care




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Our Philosophy

Go beyond rehab with comprehensive care, a world-renowned clinical team, life coaching, and more luxury than most 5-star resorts.

Your Experience

In the luxury of 5-star accommodations, addiction treatment options range from short to long term. While you’re here, we build a community of people around you. Physicians, counselors, trainers, and staff become your wellness home team.