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Beyond recovery. Beyond rehab. Beyond the expected.

When we talk about behavioral health, we’re focused on healing the connection between body and mind. In the midst of a chaotic world, difficult circumstances, and trauma, healing can feel hard to find.

We’re here to help you find that healing.

Whether you’re looking for trauma therapy, addiction treatment, or mental health work, All Points North Lodge exists to bring healing to dysfunctional behaviors and their root causes. For you or your loved one, there is hope – no matter the past.

Via telehealth counseling or in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, our expert team offers custom-curated treatment selected for each individual and customized for their needs and goals.

A Few Things That Matter to Us:

  • Whole-Person Care: Your story matters, and you’re more than a medical chart. We offer opportunities for physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
  • Family Focus: If you’re staying 28 days or longer, we identify your key family members and offer them a weekly therapist appointment too.
  • Trauma Integration: We tackle your addiction, trauma, or mental health through the lens of past trauma – addressing the root causes instead of just the symptoms.
  • Custom-Curated Plans: After thorough assessments, we customize a plan specifically for you, pulling from the many different modalities and therapies our clinicians can use. You won’t have always use the same therapies as others, because your needs and goals are unique.

What To Expect From Us:

APN Lodge is dedicated to providing the highest quality experience and greatest possible outcomes in the treatment and personal development industries by combining so many valuable elements on one campus.

We blend evidence-based practices, philosophy influences, and components of the ECHO Model and Medical Home Model to offer cutting-edge, client-centered care in each program track. Medical, pain management, activity, and fitness amenities & partnerships round out our multidisciplinary and experiential treatment. With Vail Health as our partner for primary and preventative care, our luxury campus is, in every way, an enriched environment of care – optimized for healing, recovery, retreat, and personal development.

Trauma integration forms the foundation of all therapies as we address both the client’s symptoms and their root cause. In group and one-on-one sessions, we utilize our clinical team’s expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, PIT, talk therapy, and much more. Family treatment, virtual therapy, and an upcoming app allow clients and their families to stay connected and receive support through whatever season of life might come next.

We champion lifelong connection as the best way to sustain and further each person’s growth.

Behavioral Health Services

Mental Health

All Points North Lodge is equipped to serve clients diagnosed with mood disorders and anxiety disorders (with or without a co-occurring substance use disorder). Therapy and programs are available at outpatient, intensive outpatient, PHP, and residential treatment levels. Counseling sessions and IOP programming are also available via telehealth.

For more information about the conditions we treat and our treatment approach, click here.

Addiction Treatment

All Points North Lodge offers addiction treatment to clients struggling with substance use disorders and process addictions. Programs for treatment are available at outpatient, intensive outpatient, PHP, and residential levels. Wherever you are in your journey to recovery – we exist to help you take the next step toward health and healing.

Find more information about Addiction Treatment at All Points North Lodge here.

Trauma Therapy

All Points North Lodge offers trauma treatment for those with addictions and those without. Trauma–integrated care allows our clinicians to address emotional dysregulation, negative beliefs about self, poor relationships with others, and dysfunctional behaviors (including addictions) through the lens of trauma. APN Lodge is committed to treatment that does not simply identify past trauma, but also addresses it, resolves it, and propels each guest further toward healing and health.

Get more insight on our approach to Trauma Therapy here.


A dual diagnosis treatment program is one that treats both the addiction and any co-occurring disorders. Co-occurring disorders may be depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. These treatments can occur either at the same time or one after the other.

Read more about the common symptoms dual diagnosis clients may experience and how treatment works here.

Telehealth (Virtual Treatment)

All Points North Lodge is proud to offer virtual therapy and telehealth treatment to clients around the world. Virtual IOPs, one-on-one therapy sessions, and a variety of groups and courses are available via our proprietary app – exclusive to clients of All Points North Lodge. Our app makes it easy to join sessions, explore group options, and see your upcoming schedules. Distance doesn’t have to mean isolation.

Get more information about Telehealth offerings at All Points North Lodge here.

Family Therapy

All Points North Lodge offers a comprehensive and intensive family program for the loved ones of APN clients. Dedicated family therapists are available to meet weekly with clients and their loved ones via telehealth. Video therapy sessions for clients and families are included in the overall treatment cost during the client’s time in-person at APN Lodge and continuing after their transition home. We believe that family healing lays a foundation for long-term recovery.

Get more information about Family Therapy along with topics and focuses here.

Now Open

The split campus for All Points North Lodge is centered around the APN Main Lodge, outpatient building, and main office. Please note: some activities and amenities are closed during COVID-19.

Now Available

  • Residential addiction treatment, trauma therapy, and mental health
  • Main Lodge: private and semi-private suites
  • Executive health packages
  • In-lodge social detox or coordination of higher level of detox with partners
  • Main Lodge amenities like game room, coffee and juice bar, chapel, in-lodge gym, and much more
  • IOP and outpatient services (currently available via telehealth only due to COVID-19)
  • Yoga and hiking

Coming Soon

  • APN Lodge App
  • Indoor lap swimming pool
  • COVID-related suspended activities like massages, ropes courses, skiing, fly fishing, culinary classes, alpine flight tours, mountain biking, etc.



What We Do

We assess your personal story and individual needs. Then we work with you to create a comprehensive path toward recovery that is right for you.

Telehealth Services

Addiction Treatment

Trauma Therapy

Mental Health

Family-Focused Treatment

Health Packages


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