We Believe
Recovery Is
The Secret To

What We Do

At APN Lodge, we assess your personal story and individual needs, then create a personalized and curated treatment plan for your comprehensive treatment, recovery, and success. We believe your journey is unique, and your treatment should be too.

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Our Service
Modalities Include

  • Five star accommodations and amenities within our Executive Lodge, Residential Treatment and Structured Living Program
  • Stepped down care including Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Treatment programming within an intimate and discreet professional office setting with a structured living environment
  • Coordination of a full Continuum of Care including: Outpatient Therapy and Aftercare Groups
  • APN Lodge approach is a concierge one to substance abuse and behavioral health.

Services And
Resources Include:

  • Evidenced Based Practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cinema Therapy, Psychoeducational groups and skill building curriculums.
  • Trauma Informed care setting and practices such as EMDR, DBT, Seeking Safety Sessions, Equine/Horticulture Therapy, Trauma Touch Therapy
  • Pharmacological resources
  • Non-12 step-based programs as well as 12 Step based programs
  • Recreation and adventure-based programming such as golf, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, yoga, biking, zip lines, horseback riding

The Journey to The Power of You Awaits.
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Our Philosophy

Go beyond rehab with comprehensive care, a world-renowned clinical team, life coaching, and more luxury than most 5-star resorts.

Your Experience

In the luxury of 5-star accommodations, addiction treatment options range from short to long term. While you’re here, we build a community of people around you. Physicians, counselors, trainers, and staff become your wellness home team.