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Recovery designed for athletes.

All Points North Lodge offers in-person treatment programs for former and retired professional athletes. These in-person programs for addiction, trauma, and mental health allow athletes to work with dedicated staff and other athletes. During treatment, athletes join a primary therapy group with other athletes and also learn alongside the general population. Whether sports bring you joy or pain, we can help you grow and heal.

Evidence-based substance abuse and mental health treatment

Mountain view suites and amenities

Gourmet chef, nutritional counseling, and fitness offerings

Outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains

Calls are always free and confidential.
Your story matters, and you’re more than a medical chart. We offer opportunities for physical, emotional, and spiritual health.
If you’re staying 28 days or longer, we offer your family members a weekly therapist appointment too.
We tackle addiction, trauma, and mental health by addressing the root causes instead of just the symptoms.
Your treatment plan is made specifically for you – based on your needs and the therapies that are right for you.

Mental Health & Addiction Rehab for Athletes

Active athletes are far from the only people with skin in their game. Coaches, families, teams, and managers are just a few of the many key players who invest in an athlete. The stress of holding expectations and avoiding disappointment can be crushing. That stress must be tackled, not avoided. For the good of the athlete and all others involved, the health of the athlete’s mind and body is non-negotiable. When mental health disorders, circumstantial struggle, substance abuse, or addiction exist, there is no time to waste. The athlete needs efficient and effective treatment, along with continued physical conditioning.

At All Points North Lodge, we’ve created an athletic track specifically for current and retired professional athletes. The program was created by those who have been there – professional athletes who endured the struggle and came out on the other side. They’re paying recovery forward.

Every athlete and family member receives custom and individualized care. No two cases are exactly alike, so no two treatment plans are exactly alike. Every person requires different modalities and therapies.

Our goal is not merely to help the athlete get “clean”. We do that of course. But more than that, we position each athlete to plow forward, in mental health, physical health, and life in general. After treatment at the APN Lodge campus concludes, we stay in touch. Mental health never stops being a priority. So, we continue working with each athlete, even after the plane ride home.

We begin treatment with an intensive set of assessments, both mental and physical. This gives us a window into health, allowing us to assess the body’s condition and prioritize any physical treatments. In a one-on-one interview with an APN Lodge therapist, we also conduct a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment. This gives us an overview of any biological, sociological, or psychological health issues. When substance abuse is present, we check for any obvious origins or attending circumstances. Our nutritional assessment determines the impact of eating habits on physical or mental health issues. Adjusting nutrition as needed enables a faster, more complete recovery.

Following a review of all preliminary assessments, a treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the APN Athletics client. This collaboration encourages the client’s buy-in to the individualized plan and its goals. As the treatment plan unfolds, goals may be adjusted depending on the speed at which they are reached. In total, the treatment plan includes physical/exercise treatment goals, mental health goals, therapy goals, nutrition goals, and the optional use of advantageous APN Lodge amenities such as the pool, gym, tennis courts, golf courses, recreational excursions, and mountain activities.

Find Your Way Forward.

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