We Believe
in the athletic
of the mind.


The APN Athletics Difference

APN Athletics addresses the experiences and stress factors unique to athletes, teams, and their families. We take a comprehensive integrated approach and become a trusted partner for prevention, acute care, crisis response, suspension programming, and individualized treatment. APN Athletics combines mental and physical offerings to equip athletes for higher performance and happier lives, during and after their careers.

We believe comprehensive wellness unlocks peak performance.



APN Athletics Offers

  • Elite behavioral health, wellness, and addiction treatment
  • APN Level Up – Suspension program for NFL players
  • High-quality comprehensive care for professional athletes
  • Expertise in mental health, sports psychology, primary medical care, and drug addiction treatment
  • Partnership with your club or team’s existing medical, athletic training, and sports performance professionals creates the ultimate peak performance center
  • Commitment to your team’s success, on and off the field

Meet Our

Meet Our

Our Activities

At APN Lodge, you will discover world class facilities that will add power to your world class treatment. You can wake up and head to the state-of-the art fitness center to work with a personal trainer, or simply work out on your own time.