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All Points North Lodge at a Glance

APN Lodge offers a comprehensive menu of custom-curated addiction treatment, behavioral health, and wellness plans in a luxury mountaintop setting.

Reviewing our range of offerings can be overwhelming, so it’s good to keep things simple. In that spirit, here is a snapshot of APN Lodge.

Key Services

All Points North Lodge offers addiction treatment for substance use disorders and process addictions. Treatment programs are available at outpatient, intensive outpatient, PHP, and residential levels. We offer programs for wherever you are in your recovery journey.

All Points North Lodge serves clients diagnosed with mood disorders and anxiety disorders (with or without a co-occurring substance use disorder).

We offer trauma and mental health treatment for those with addictions and those without. This treatment enables our clinicians to address emotional dysregulation, negative beliefs about self, poor relationships with others, and dysfunctional behaviors through the lens of trauma. We identify trauma, address it, resolve it, and propel clients toward further healing and health.

Finally, APN Lodge offers wellness and health services including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, physical therapy, and spa services. Physical therapy and spa services are available to our residential clients only. Deep TMS and HBOT are available to those in the community as well.

Customized, Comprehensive Care

Among the key benefits of being an APN Lodge client are our custom-curated, evidence-based addiction treatment plans and our full continuum of recovery care. The same is true of our customized behavioral wellness plans, including mental health and trauma treatment.

All Points North Lodge is dedicated to providing measurable, superior clinical outcomes and the highest quality experience for those in treatment for substance use disorders (SUD) and mental health. We are devoted to clients’ long-term recovery and changed lives.

We provide our clients with customized care targeted to their unique needs. We do so by blending evidence-based practices in each program track. Our treatment environment emphasizes safety and comfort.

Our Unique Setting and Amenities

APN Lodge is so named because it is a former lodge resort. With a campus of 30 acres nestled in the Rocky Mountains, APN Lodge offers a gourmet chef, suites, and private homes with mountain views.

Clients can participate in fly fishing, riding horses, or skiing and snowboarding at nearby Beaver Creek and Vail resorts. They can enjoy golfing, mountain biking, swimming, culinary classes, acupuncture, bowling, an escape room, gondolas and vapor caves, a gym, hot springs, massage therapy, and movie nights. Mountain pass road trips, ATV, electric bikes, paddle boarding, whitewater rafting, yard games, cross country skiing, fat tire snow bikes, ice skating, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and snow tubing are also available.

This photo gallery and video tour of APN Lodge will give you an overview of our campus.

Key Staff Members

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shahla Modir, MD has over ten years of experience in addiction, psychiatry, and integrative medicine. She is dual board-certified in Addiction and Psychiatry, serving as a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and its Addiction Psychiatry certification.

Dr. Kate Daly, MD, MPHIL is our Medical Director. She is dual board-certified in psychiatry and neurology and holds more than a decade of experience in the field.

Dr. Ryan Drzewiecki, PsyD, LP is our Director of Clinical Operations. Dr. Ryan Drzewiecki is a licensed psychologist and an experienced clinical director with over a decade of experience in his fields.

In addition, APN Lodge staffs a variety of masters-level clinicians, therapists, psychotherapists, medical team, psychiatrists and psych nurse practitioners.

Technology Offerings

At All Points North Lodge, we invest in technology to better serve our clients.

The Lodge includes an onsite Deep TMS machine to treat major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant OCD. Deep TMS is particularly suited for adults who have tried to fight major depression with antidepressants to no avail or those with OCD who have not achieved satisfactory results from medication or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Studies have shown Deep TMS  to be a highly effective treatment that can profoundly improve a client’s mental health and diminish symptoms of depression and/or OCD.

APN Lodge’s list of treatment options also includes in-house Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).  HBOT boosts the body’s available oxygen through increased pressure and oxygen saturation in the air.

Finally, one of APN Lodge’s most important technological investments is its app: APN Connection. APN Connection is our exclusive app for telehealth therapy and treatment programs. For clients pursuing recovery from addiction or mental health, the app enables them to participate in one-on-one virtual therapy and/or virtual group therapy sessions.

This is All Points North Lodge at a glance. Explore our website and contact APN Lodge to learn more.