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Massage Therapy*

*Massage Therapy is available as an add-on activity at All Points North Lodge.

Bodywork is a valuable tool in the recovery process, one that alleviates stress and improves the flow of energy.

Many of the same principles employed in breathwork and yoga are found throughout the range of massage therapy types.

As clients process through trauma and fight to form new habits, stress can come out through emotions or tension in the body. Massage therapy (coupled with chiropractic treatment or physical therapy when indicated) is a chance to target the stress and tension being processed during the client’s time at APN Lodge.

Research has also shown that therapeutic touch can lift a client’s spirits when they feel someone caring for them in this way.

A one-hour massage therapy session in-house is built into some programs, including the APN Rise Immersive Workshop.

(Activity availability may vary based on season, maintenance, and external vendor contracts. For more information on any activity, give us a call today.)

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