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Overall health and wellness offer a number of benefits for a successful recovery. Exercise may help repair some of the damage drug addiction has caused to the body and help the body to heal. Clients who exercise during recovery may be more aware of their health in general and more likely to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Eating a healthy diet has the added impact of improving one’s mood, thinking and stabilizing metabolism. Evidence has shown a correlation between stable metabolism and the elimination of physical cravings. Excessive caffeine, carbohydrates, fats, and sugars cause upward and downward spikes in metabolism and mimic the effects of substances creating additional challenges to one’s abstinence.

During Your Stay

Clients may utilize our many fitness amenities for movement and exercise. Exercise offers many benefits during the recovery process – naturally boosting dopamine and endorphins within the body to improve positivity, motivation, productivity, mood, energy, and self-confidence. Exercising can also help relieve some symptoms of anxiety and depression while balancing sleep patterns – all of great benefit during treatment.

(Activity availability may vary based on season, maintenance, and external vendor contracts. For more information on any activity, give us a call today.)

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