APN Rise

Our history can either imprison us or set us free. During this 5-day immersive retreat in our Executive Suites, we dive into your history to identify all events, patterns, and self-limiting beliefs that hold you back, keep you stuck, and make the life of your dreams seem out of reach or even impossible.

Join us for one of the following dates:
Sept 22-27, 2019; Oct 20-25, 2019; Nov 10-15, 2019; Jan 12-17, 2020

Our expert team guides you in confronting trauma head-on to reframe and move through it. Through immersive and experiential techniques, the stress-energy surrounding these major roadblocks can be released. A variety of highly effective healing modalities will equip you to redirect this energy and truly live life.

If you are feeling stuck, wounded, not good enough, full of shame and guilt, or have an overall sense of dissatisfaction, this workshop is your right next step. Freedom is waiting.

Healing Modalities

Group Work

In the vulnerability of sharing your story and hearing the stories of others, you not only learn how “normal” you are, but you also begin to identify barriers, resolve issues, and move forward. Therapies such as CBT, DBT, and EMDR can also be used in group settings. This fostering of community develops a sense of firm support to take each step toward change.

Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra

Mindfulness practice brings alertness and awareness, relaxing and stabilizing the body and mind to prepare for healing. Yoga Nidra is a mindful yoga practice intended to explore and utilize your unconscious. The goal is an alignment of the right brain, left brain, sympathetic nervous system, and parasympathetic nervous system.


Powerful for self-discovery and personal growth, this type of practice is simple and readily accessible. A breathing method called “Conscious Connected Breathing” aims to clear and release physical, emotional, and mental blocks. Through the breath, we release suffering and focus energy, increasing our ability to love and enjoy life.

Art Therapy

They say some of the best art comes from seasons of struggle. When emotions and thoughts are difficult to articulate, creative expression can offer an alternate option. As a healthy outlet, art therapy can bring conclusions to the surface or simply allow you to release and identify emotions or thoughts, without the pressure of words.

Massage Therapy

Bodywork is a valuable tool in the recovery process, one that alleviates stress and improves the flow of energy. Mentally and physically, massage is a source of rest and refresh. Research has also shown that therapeutic touch can lift your spirits through human touch and intentional care.

Nutrition & Fitness

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Personal Trainer offer one-on-one consultations to create nutrition and fitness plans curated to your personal health and goals. Fitness plans are customized to offer onsite activities like yoga and/or offsite workouts with our partners.

Individuals applying to any APN Accelerator immersive workshop or extension coaching must be free of active addictions. If you are interested in a program but currently struggling with an addiction, check out our Behavioral track or contact the team at 310.579.6169.

Move past the past. Rise up.


Find your way forward with personal development workshops and all kinds of virtual coaching. There’s a better life ahead. We’ll help you find it.