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The Future of dTMS (Deep TMS) and Its Efficacy

July 13, 2021
All Points North Lodge

Jason Thompson, APN's Director of the DEEP TMS program:

So TMS in the future. I think that the next couple of things we're going to see is smoking cessation. So the ability to stop smoking without all the harsh side effects of gums and things like that, as well as PTSD. And I think that for our communities that have dealt with it, and the understanding of what PTSD really is for individuals, and how it can be different for everybody, I think that's going to be a huge relief for people.

As far as the efficacy, you can go all the way to the clinical trials. It's 60 to 70% effective, and what's really neat when they did the clinical trials, is that not even the individuals delivering the treatment knew whether the patient was getting the sham treatment or an actual treatment. They both created a sound like the treatment, and they weren't even allowed to speak to the client, because it could be deemed therapeutic. They truly wanted to know just the efficacy of the device and the treatment itself. So it was really, really cool to read about that.

Myself, I really think that we're probably closer to 90, 95% effective, and it's simply because we have the ability to pre-qualify our candidates, make sure that they're a good candidate, and set expectations. What is it that we're really looking to do? What is it that we can achieve? Like I said, the biggest thing is that when they come here, there's no question that I can get them better.

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