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Why isn't dTMS (Deep TMS) everywhere?

June 30, 2021
All Points North Lodge
Jason Thompson, APN's Director of the Deep TMS program

I think that the manufacturers have done fantastic jobs of marketing it. I think that the stigma of mental health has probably downplayed a lot of what can be done for individuals.

If we look back 20 to 50 years ago, if you had some sort of mental ailment issue if you couldn't speak to your significant other, your priest, pastor, father, whatever you call the spiritual deity of your choice, you weren't supposed to have that problem. You became a guinea pig and were locked away in the quote-unquote psych ward. That's a scary thing.

For the evolution of the decrease and de-stigmatization, I think that's huge. That's probably the biggest reason that TMS isn't everywhere. That and the stigma that comes with it, the fear of what really is it? Is it really going to work? I think that the more and more we can do to push it out, the more and more that we can do to educate practitioners, physicians, clients, patients, the better off we are.

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