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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Testimonial

December 22, 2020
All Points North Lodge

Bob Nutcher

I came to All Points North Lodge because I had been dealing with anxiety and depression pretty much my entire life. And then about three and a half years ago, my father died. I did CPR on him. And for the next three years, I dealt with PTSD on top of the anxiety and the depression. I have received hyperbaric therapy. I guess you would more consider it oxygen therapy. The facility here goes to depths that most "hyperbaric therapy" doesn't go. My experience was almost immediate where... I call it my fog of war, where my head's very heavy, tons of anxiety, can't remember even the most simple tasks. And probably the first week I had much more focus, much more clarity. The fog of war had disappeared. Certainly no depression, but a little bit of anxiety after the first week, but as the therapy progressed, I almost have none at all.

Before I came here, I was either going to end it or get help. And thankfully, I chose to get help. And the facility here offers so many advantages of treatment, but definitely the hyperbaric has been a lifesaver for me. You flip on your favorite Netflix movie or series and relax and just you don't really have a care in the world. You're just watching TV and letting the healing process happen. I for sure would recommend APN to family and friends, or really anyone who... I'd hate to see somebody get to the point that I did, where they lost hope and hope that they would jump into getting their traumas brought to the surface and dealing with anxiety and depression in a healthy way. And I believe hyperbaric is something that everyone that deals with that should try.


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