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How does the Vail Valley affect the drug addiction treatment process?

December 23, 2020
All Points North Lodge

Lana Seiler:

I read something and I wish I could quote this, but I was reading something about telomeres, which are the little caps on the ends of our DNA strand. There's a lot of research around growing up in stressful environments, having a lot of adverse childhood experiences, being something that... And having stress in your life, being something that shortens your telomeres, which means your DNA strand will unravel more quickly, which accelerates the aging process and makes us less well.

In this piece of research that I was reading, it talked about some of the things that stop that process from happening. And one of the things is natural beauty. So looking at scenery that's inspires awe and causes us to pause, actually stops that process. And I can't remember if they said it reverses it, but it's definitely a benefit. So there's that. And also I find that our patients are more easily able to regulate when we can take a pause, take a breath and you're looking out at the rocky mountains.


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