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What is a typical day in treatment like at APN Lodge?

October 26, 2020
All Points North Lodge

What is a typical day in treatment like at APN Lodge?

Video Transcript
A typical day in treatment, clients wake up at 6:00, 7:00.

There's yoga, breakfast, then their first group of the day is a caseload group where those clients assigned to a therapist meet every day. We generally will not assign more than five or six clients to a therapist, so those groups are very small and that's where the bulk of the treatment work gets done. After that group is lunch. In the afternoon we have more psychoeducational style groups, experiential groups, individual sessions, fitness time, things like that, dinner, personal time, pretty much a traditional day. And then on the weekends, being that we're in the Rockies, we do have activities such as rafting, and fishing, and skiing, and hiking, and all the good stuff that the Rockies have to offer. So that's what a typical day in treatment is like.


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